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Q: Who are the Dawgs?
A: There is more to youth sports than winning! The Dawgs are a developmental program aimed at providing kids that wish to someday play under the lights on Friday Night, the opportunity to truly learn the game. More involvement and greater retention in a fun and engaging atmosphere built on respect will restore competitive football to Cedarburg.

Q: Is the Dawgs a competitor to the Colts program?
A: In a word, YES. But know this, there won't be two programs in Cedarburg come the 2018 Fall season. There just aren't enough kids to support two programs.

Q: Why should I sign up with the Dawgs?
A: A youth football program feeds the varsity high school program. Left unchecked, a failing youth program can cripple a high school program. 

The Cedarburg Dawgs aim to build an incredible organization based on positivity, parent involvement and coordination with the high school program -- and is, in fact, the only youth program that does so. 

Q: What league do the Dawgs play in?
A: We are reviewing all options and will partner with the league that best aligns with our mission and values. 

Q: What is the Gridiron Club?
A: The Gridiron Club is a booster club for the Dawgs program. However, the Gridiron Club will work to support the City Flag Program as well as the High School Football program. Learn more here:
Gridiron Club