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FAQ - Eligibility & Registration

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FAQ's - Eligibility & Registration

Q: How early can my child register, and why are we required to register so early?
A: February 1 is when our registration opens. Early bird registration discount closes on March 1st. We require registration this early because we will begin to order equipment in mid May.

Q: What age does my child have to be to play?
A: The Cedarburg Dawgs Organization has tackle football teams for children entering 5th through 8th grade. More eligibility information can be found below. 
Information on K-4 flag can be found here.

Q: I've heard there are weight restrictions for who can carry the ball?
A: 5th graders must be under 100 lbs to carry the ball, 6th grade 120 lbs, 7th grade 140 lbs, and 8th grade 160 lbs.

Q: Is football only open to boys?
A: No, football is open to both boys and girls.

Q: Is practice cancelled due to weather?
A: We will cancel practice if there is lightning in the area. Otherwise, we practice rain or shine.

Q: What should my child bring to practice?
A: Our by-laws require that each child have ten hours of conditioning prior to wearing the full uniform. For this conditioning period they should wear shorts, a t-shirt, cleats, and their helmet. Once they have satisfied the conditioning requirement, we will wear full uniforms every practice. This consists of helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, practice jersey, pants with all pads, and cleats. Finally, every player should bring PLENTY of water to each practice. We CANNOT over-emphasize the importance of this. We recommend at LEAST 1/2 gallon or more. This will be especially important on hot days.

Q: How should my child prepare for practice?
A: Drinking plenty of water prior to practice is key, especially in warm weather. We do not recommend that they eat heavily before practice. It's also a good idea to skip sugary drinks or soda on practice days. Once school starts, it's a good idea to make your child responsible for their gear and to set it up at night before they go to sleep. We see players show up at practice missing gear from time to time. If they aren't fully dressed, they can't practice and this is detrimental to their development. The most commonly forgotten items are mouth guards.

Q: When are games?
A: We play our games on Saturdays starting in late August or early September. The first game of the day is our 8th grade game at 9 AM with an 8 AM show time.  7th grade plays next, then 6th and then 5th. 

Q: How long is a game?
A: Typically, games last about 80-90 minutes. We require players to show up 1 hour before game time.

Q: Are games cancelled due to weather?
A: As with practice, we do not typically cancel games for weather unless there is a significant safety risk. We play in rain, snow, heat, and cold.

Q: Where do we play games?
A: Home games are played at the high school field or high school practice fields.

Q: Are there covered seating areas at all fields?
A: Not usually. Bringing umbrellas and blankets during bad weather is recommended.