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FAQ - Equipment

FAQ's - Uniform and Equipment Requirements

Q: What does the football uniform consist of?
A: The basic football uniform consists of pants with thigh pads, knee pads, hip pads, and a tail bone pad. Each player also wears shoulder pads under a jersey and a helmet with a mouth guard. Cleats and socks finish off the basic uniform.

Q: What additional equipment should my child wear?
A: Beyond the required uniform items, most kids wear some kind of insulating layer under their pads. This can be a simple t-shirt, or it can be Under Armor, or other compression clothing. This is particularly valuable during cold weather play. Football is played in ALL weather, so players can get cold if not properly dressed. Gloves are another common accessory. There are two basic types: ball carrier and lineman. Players may NOT wear any kind of cap under their helmet. A popular option to replace game pants during practice is for kids to purchase a padded girdle and volleyball knee pads to wear under athletic shorts. This keeps game pants clean and ready for games. If you have questions, ask your coaching staff.

Q: What kind of care will my uniform need?
A: Different parts of the uniform need different kinds of care. Here are some general guidelines for helmet and uniform care.

  • Helmet Care
    • Try keeping your helmet clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean the helmet. Always inspect your helmet - paying particular attention to the fasteners that attach the facemask and chin strap. If the helmet appears damaged in any way - IMMEDIATELY show your Coach or one of the other Dawgs Coaches. NEVER play or participate in contact drills with a damaged helmet.
  • Integrated Pants (pants with pads built in)
    • Washing integrated Pants - ALWAYS WASH IN COLD WATER and AIR DRY
      • DO NOT remove the belt or pads
      • COLD WATER WASH - separate from other garments
      • DO NOT DRY CLEAN OR PRESS the pants, this will discolor them
      • Do not allow perspiration soaked or muddy garments to lay in a pile or rest on top of each other for any extended period of time. Launder them immediately if they need it. However, it is not necessary to launder after each wearing. Simply hang them on a plastic or wooden hanger until the next practice. DO NOT OVER-WASH these pants.
      • Fasten D-ring belts before washing to keep the belt from snagging in the washer.
      • DO NOT use chlorine bleach and do not soak these pants. DO NOT use fabric softeners. Softeners deteriorate garments with spandex. They also restrict the effectiveness of Dri-Fit technology and act as a magnet for dirt.
      • Use mild detergent. Detergents with pH under 10 are recommended for athletic uniforms. 
      • REMOVE garments from the machine immediately after washing. Hang the item from the leg openings if possible. DO NOT DRY IN A MACHINE. This will cause rapid deterioration of the pants and deformation of the pads. Be sure the garment is COMPLETELY dry before storing and store away from direct sunlight.
    • Integrated Pants Inspection
      • Always inspect your pants for damage. Pay particular attention to the D-ring belt. Look for warping of the rings and fraying of the belt. Check the knee, thigh, hip, and tail pads. If your pants appear damaged in any way, report it to your coach IMMEDIATELY. Never practice or play in damaged pants.
  • Shoulder Pads
    • Try keeping your shoulder pads clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean should pads. The Dawgs staff may have special shoulder pad cleaning solutions if a damp cloth will not work.
  • Jersey Care
    • Always wash the jersey in COLD WATER and never use bleach. Jerseys should be allowed to AIR DRY. If you must dry them in a machine, do so on the LOWEST setting. Line Drying is recommended, particularly with these garments.